Saturday, February 21, 2015

Can a Patient have Patience?

I once heard a preacher say, "Don't pray for patience because the Lord will send plenty of events to test you in your quest to have it." 

Made sense to me.

This week, I prayed a lot for pleasant events and good outcomes, for doctors and nurses, for my husband and my family, but I remembered not to pray for patience. I had enough troubles going on this week and I didn't want any additional ones.

My husband spent a few days in the hospital, and there is nothing that can make you wait more than modern medicine and its practitioners. 

For example, a test scheduled at 10:30 a.m. took place at 1:30 p.m. Since the patient had nothing to eat since midnight, he looked forward to the rubbery catfish and cold grits he would receive when he returned to his room. 

However, no deliciousness arrived because the cafeteria wouldn't even answer the phone when the nurse called to order the plate. When she did get through, she was told that the cafeteria closes between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. 

Another example is the doctor who said she would come by at 9:00 a.m. to answer questions and prescribe medication. She actually showed up six hours later. It was hard for the patient, my husband, to remain pleasant in dealing with her.

I could go on and on with examples of inept hospital workers and their stories, but I think you see my point. I want to say, too, that there are some really dedicated medical staff who do their best for their patient. I don't mean to bash the entire industry, but that is what a hospital has become today -- a money-making business.

When I consider patience, I always think about that saying, "the patience of Job." To remind you of the Biblical story, God takes away his blessing of Job, a very prosperous and Godly man, to prove to Satan that Job would remain true to God. Job, even after losing his family, his wealth and his health, never curses God or blames Him for the tragedies. Because Job is patient, he is then rewarded with God's grace, having seven more sons and three daughters and living 140 more years.

The lesson is to just wait. Have faith. Don't cast blame. Grace will come, not by my time clock maybe, but it will come. 

I get it. I understand what I'm supposed to learn from the story of Job, so I don't curse or blame God when I'm sent troubles. I look for the lesson I'm supposed to learn from it. 

This week, what I learned was not pleasant and will require much patience on my part in the future. It will also require me to be involved with medical caregivers more than I want. 

I'll try to be patient, understanding and kind, but it's going to be tough. I'll pray for healing, for kindness, for dedicated caregivers, but not for patience. I'd appreciate your prayers, too.