Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Week of Many Endings

This week was packed with all kinds of activities and events that have created a huge mound of stress. As I was busy taking "one day at a time," I thought about my post for the week. I really didn't have anything special to write about, no earth-shattering or profound statements or events on which to expand. But I did see a common theme throughout the week -- the endings, or last times, that certain events would happen for me and others.

This week was the last semester exam for my dual-enrolled seniors. It's also the last semester exam that I will probably give since seniors are exempt from second semester exams if they are passing. I'm working hard to make sure mine are all passing. :-)

I also graded my last outlines/essays. Funny that I've had these kids all year, and they still won't put their names on their papers. 

Yearbooks arrived this week, too. It's the first book I haven't sponsored in 33 years, and I thought I might feel a little sentimental. I did not. I'm very grateful that the book is in the hands of a wonderful teacher who will produce a good book each year and will probably enjoy sponsoring the class for many years as well.

These students scan through the new yearbook. This young lady doesn't normally dress in her grandmother's church clothes, but it was "Senior Citizen Dress-Up Day" for the seniors.
Drew and I attended the last FSU Capital Children's Choir concert for the semester to hear Cloee sing. It's always great to hear those beautiful voices of children!

Friday, many of the seniors went to Grad Bash, a night when Universal Studios closes down except for seniors from all over the state. Only a handful of kids actually come to class that day, so I decided to buy them donuts. It's my final treat for them.


And finally, the final "last of" belongs to Kelsey who is finally finished with college, or at least until she gets into grad school!

The picture is not quite in focus, but I think you can see the excitement and enthusiasm that Kelsey felt with the completion of the first four years of college.

With only 30 days before retirement, the end weighs heavily on my mind, but mostly, I'm looking forward to the new beginnings I will pursue.