Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What's in a Name?

One of the 30-Day Blog Challenge topics is to write about how your blog's title/name was selected. Choosing a blog name was almost as hard as choosing names for my children.  I deliberated about a name for several weeks. All of the advice I read said to choose something that would tell something about me and would be catchy enough for people to remember. The name would be my brand, as if I were a cow. 

I played around with different arrangements. Should I name it something like Pam's Pennings (alliteration), Facing a Change (who cares?), Pam's Blog (to the point) or some other nonsense. None of these seemed to be what I'd want burned into my flesh.

Finally, I decided that I wanted to use the word honey in the title. My granddaughter Cloee calls me Honey instead of the conventional names for a grandmother. I picked the name Honey because I didn't want to end up with one of those horrible names like Big Momma, Bipsy, etc. My mom chose Sug as her grandmother name, so I stayed with the sweet angle and chose Honey.

I couldn't decide on a phrase to use with honey so I turned to the internet for help. I found websites whose purpose is to help choose a blog name. NameRobot, Wordoid, and Panabee are blog name generators; you put in a couple of key words and the site comes up with a title. This high-tech name search was kind of fun but also offered too many choices.  I put in a word or two pertaining to the blog, and the generator shared several selected phrases which didn't seem to work. For example, I got passhony, pazthehoni, ipassthehoney. getpastthehoni. I decided that I didn't care for the name generator and would go it on my own. An English teachers can't use "cutsie" misspellings; it's just not right.

So, I decided on Pass the Honey. I guess I am passing into a new chapter in life (retirement) so I am passing Honey on to new opportunities. I think it's a unique brand. I am trying to create a logo for the blog which might become an easy tattoo design. That's a joke: I am anti-tatt.

As a postscript, I've decided to begin collecting antique honey pots. I would love to have a display like the one below, but I've not been able to find affordable antique pots. I also want only pots with bees, no bears, on them. I may be too picky, but I know what I want.  It's something that I'll search for at estate sales and eBay. Wish me luck, and if you know where I might purchase an antique honey pot featuring bees, please let me know.