Sunday, March 9, 2014

Best Friends

Yesterday, I was supposed to write about how my day was. I guess the author of the 30-day journal challenge thought the blogger would be working on this at night. I'd like for him/her to find a place in my nightly chaos to write about myself. If I'm writing something at night, it's comments on my students' essays. There seems to be an endless stack of essays to assess each week, and even though I've taught these seniors for 3/4 of the school year, they are still making the same mistakes. UGH!  I'll stop that diatribe now and save it for another day. One goal of this blog is to try to be positive. 
The only time I have alone in my house of four people and two dogs is at 5:00 a.m., which is usually the time I allot to be sucked away by Facebook,, or Pinterest. Since I am old and near retirement, I am beginning to examine time spent to see if it's worth my time lost. I don't finish a book if the writing is not engaging. I don't watch silly sitcoms on TV because I've seen the story line in sitcoms 20 years ago. I don't watch reality TV because I don't believe much of what's shown on TV is real. 
Ok, back to yesterday. I had the most wonderful visit with my friend from 5th grade until now. You know, the type of friend that you don't talk to for several years, but you can pick up like you never left off. It's like you quickly find the cadence of your friendship, the rhythm of your talking patterns, and certainly the sound of your laughs. Oh my, she and I have laughed! Once when we were in school, she made me laugh during lunch and milk spurted out of my nose. How's that visual? 
Although our adult lives grew apart, we find ourselves in similar situations now in raising our young granddaughters. I know grandparents raising grandchildren is not so uncommon today, and there are many support groups to go to for help; however, it makes me feel secure to know that we can emotionally support each other if needed. Here's a selfie of us from yesterday:
Number 4 on the challenge says to post a picture of your favorite photograph of your best friend. I think this is it. I'll have to find something to substitute for number 4.
Today's challenge is to post a photo of something I eat today, which I'm sure will be uninteresting. I'm not much about taking pictures of food. There's too much of that on blogs, Instagram, etc. My food never looks like that beautiful.