Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Old Photos

In today's entry I'm supposed to post a picture of myself from two years ago. As stated earlier, I am usually behind the camera so finding a decent picture of only me is difficult. The only time I actually  have a picture of me is from my many "school" pictures taken over my 34 years of teaching.
Several years ago, I decided to make a scrapbook about my teaching career. In it I put all of the pictures students had given me of themselves, certificates, letters from students, photos from awesome trips to New York with journalism students, and my school pictures. I add to my school picture page each year:

Bottom right is the most recent year. I look at some of these and can't believe I wore my hair like that. Why did I think a perm looked good? The hair has gotten lighter instead of grayer. I read that with each passing decade, a woman's hair should drop down a shade. I hope I live to have platinum blonde hair.