Monday, March 10, 2014

A Special Lunch

My assignment yesterday was to photograph something I ate. As I said yesterday, I don't like taking pictures of food. My pictures look like regular food on a plate. I can't do all that fancy lighting or other effects to make it look better. However, I do want to post about our stop at a barbeque place in Dothan. Dobb's BBQ has been a favorite of thousands, heck maybe even millions, of people over the past 40+ years. The food is really delicious. I like the barbeque sauce because I can taste the vinegar in it. It's just about perfect to me. So, here is my very ordinary picture of my barbeque sandwich and onion rings:
I thought taking a bite out of the sandwich would make it appear more artsy. I was wrong. 
While at Dobb's, I was once again touched by the way people take time to speak to my son Drew who has Down syndrome. Drew is 26 and a real people person. The waitress was super nice to him and actually talked and laughed with him. Drew was wearing his Miami Heat/Labron James jersey, and a young man stopped by our table to discuss Labron's broken nose with Drew. My granddaughter Cloee asked me why people were doing that. I answered that kind-hearted people just want to make Drew feel just like everyone else. I find those types of people are everywhere. That's just another reason that having a son like Drew changes my life and makes me, not him, the special one. I would never have such experiences if I didn't have Drew. I had a very pleasant time at Dobb's and not just because of the food.
Today's assignment for the 30-day journal challenge is to discuss/describe my favorite store. I assume the author meant brick-and-mortar store, but I'm changing the rules again and going with online store. By far, my favorite store is How easy can shopping be? Their Prime membership with its 2-day, free shipping makes it too easy to shop there. I know I'm supposed to support the small businessperson and buy local and all, but I just don't have the time to go from store to store, searching for just the right item. Christmas morning when we were opening all the gifts, my husband Richard remarked about all of the Amazon boxes. He said, "Soon, people will say Merry Amazon!" He's quite the comic, truly.