Tuesday, March 11, 2014


This time of year always brings out the need to try one more year to have that perfect garden and/or backyard. Yesterday, I bought the beginnings of that annual endeavor:
In addition, we created fire -- the burn pile. When I was a kid, everyone had a discarded oil barrel that was used to burn trash. There was no curb-side garbage collection in country, so we burned everything. It was a kid's/pyromaniac's dream -- all those flames leaping into the air -- and I'd pile on more and more trash. Good times.
Today's assignment is to post a favorite picture of my best friend. To me, there are different types of best friends. There's the one you've known the longest (see earlier post), the one(s) you have become close to through work, the one that you endured the most terrible times with, and the one that brings you the most joy. I decided to go with the one who makes me laugh daily, does all of the grocery shopping, cooks dinner almost every night, and on and on. This man is a true gem and I am so blessed!