Thursday, March 13, 2014


Pets bring so much unconditional love to people. I know many older people who have pets they treat as if they were their own children. I go to social gatherings where the majority of the conversation is about each person's dog. It's nice that animals can bring joy. 
I have two dogs. I like -- probably love -- those dogs, but I'm so ready to not have any pets. I have announced to my family that when these dogs go to heaven, there will be no more pets. I mean it, too. These dogs cost me money and time that I don't enjoy spending on them. Whenever we go out of town, I have to pay someone to take care of them. One of them will get sick and require a vet trip when I have no money. I had to replace the carpet in my house because one of them can't seem to catch on to the concept of being housebroken. Day 6 says to post a picture of a pet I'd like to own. There's no such animal, but here is a picture of the two who are part of my family whether I like it or not.