Saturday, March 15, 2014

Time Well Wasted

Today's assignment is to write about a song and photo to match my mood. Today is the first full day of spring break so I'm feeling pretty good. I used to spend a good deal of spring break cleaning my house or completing a project. I decided that my house will never be totally clean. Whose is? So I found this song by Brad Paisley which is about not doing the things I'm supposed to do, but instead doing the things that matter. Making memories, as my mom says. 

The chorus is below:

It was time well wasted
And there's no way I'd trade a few more dollars or things crossed off my list
For a day I'll never forget
No I didn't get a thing done
But I sure soaked up every minute of the memory we were makin'
And I count it all as time well wasted

It's all about time, and the closer I get to the casket, the more I value it. 
Here is the next part of the assignment -- a photo that reflects my mood. I am wishing my life away by wanting summer to hurry and get here. I want pool water at 73 degrees at least and outside temp in the 80s. I want to sleep without setting an alarm clock. I want to drink coffee and go for a walk before I slowly start my day. As Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Name Desire says,  "I want to rest! I want to breathe quietly again!" I want summer!