Friday, March 14, 2014

Dream Wedding

Weddings have changed so much from what they were when I was growing up. Then, invitations were engraved, not just printed, with black ink on white linen paper. Bridal etiquette had to be followed to the T. Today, invitations are anything goes. I received one not long ago on cardboard-type paper in the shape of a Mason jar. I got another one that when I pulled the invitation out of the envelope, confetti fell everywhere. What a mess that was! 
No longer are bride's dresses the white satin with lace. No longer do grooms wear black suits. And all of that is ok with me. Couples should have their weddings exactly how they want. Most weddings now represent the likes of the couple; therefore, there's more personality and creativity and usually more fun!
My second (and last) wedding took place in the judge's chambers in Apalachicola, FL. The wedding was perfect because we eloped. My husband and I met for the first time in Apalachicola on December 21, 2004, on a blind date. We dated for six years, and he finally asked me to marry him. After much discussion, we agreed to secretly go to Apalachicola on Dec. 21, 2010 and get married. We were both looking for a no-stress event that would be special for each of us -- me because of the romantic return-to-the-beginning date and Richard because it was an easy-no fuss event. 
Anyway, we both got what we wanted and so far, we are still hitched.