Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Who says you can't buy love?

Spring break week means we get out of town for a few days. This year, we went to my mom’s in the RV and camped in her yard. On Monday, during a horrific rain storm, we traveled to Atlanta to make two people extremely happy.

Our first stop was to the American Girl Doll store. I have always thought these dolls are way overpriced and a definite status symbol for little girls. I never bought my daughter one, and she reminds me of that when she sees the one my granddaughter Cloee has. If you have a grandchild, you know how different he/she is from your children. It’s our job to spoil them. Three years ago when Cloee came to live with me, my role changed from grandmother to primary caregiver (that sounds so cold, doesn’t it?). I’m the one who has to say no or scold her when she’s wrong which is not what a grandparent should have to do. But on special occasions, I do spoil her. Thus, we made the trip to the AGD store.

If you want to see what an American Girl Doll store is like, watch this hilarious bit from Conan O’Brien’s visit to one on YouTube.

That store is full of  wide-eyed little girls followed by adults who can’t believe the prices. Cloee was happy and spoiled which was the purpose of the trip.

Next was Drew’s turn. Drew loves Coke. I mean, the boy would drink 10 or more a day if allowed.  He will drink a Diet Coke or Coke Zero when forced, but he will choose a Red Coke (his name for it) any time he can. Therefore, Drew’s special trip was to the Coke Factory Museum. He sat through the history lesson and vault spiel in order to get to the best part – the tasting room. Now that boy was in heaven, let me tell you.
I haven't totaled the cost of the trip, but price doesn't matter in cases like this.